February 4, 2015

Ricardo Medina, Jr.: Another Actor Loses His Shit?

What is it with Hollywood anyway?  First we have O.J. Simpson, who gets all pissy because his ex-wife has the nerve to get over him and grabs his trusty knife and then we have Skylar DeLeon, some second rate actor (also a Power Ranger of sorts, coincidence?) who wants a big honking boat and thinks the best way to get one is to rob the owners and then throw them, alive, overboard chained to a cement block.   What the what? 

I'll admit that when I first saw the headlines I assumed that this Medina guy was probably another ass who didn't get his way or whose (quasi) career tanked and he just couldn't handle it.  Okay, he still could be someone whose career never really took off.  He seems to be best known for the Power Rangers franchise and the news reports indicate he lives in Palmdale, which I don't think is a big draw for the Hollywood set.  Anyhow . . .

Per CNN, he was arguing with his roommate Joshua Sutter and the argument turned into a physical altercation.  Medina allegedly retreated to his room with his girlfriend and Sutter - -a glutton for punishment?  not thinking clearly in the least? - - followed and forced the door open.  Medina then allegedly stabbed him once in the abdomen with a sword kept by the door.

Questions, questions.  First, why did he have a sword by the door?  These typically aren't things found in your average household.  Were drugs and alcohol involved?  Was Sutter brandishing any kind of weapon or was he physically assaulting Medina?  The article indicates that the argument became physical but it does not state who became physical. 

I had a roommate eons ago that I had issues with.  We ended up fighting over a guy (naturally) but it never became physical.  It was more bitchy backstabbing, eye rolling and theft (by her of some of my property.)  As much as she annoyed me and as stupid as we were fighting over some chucklehead, and irrational and immature in our early twenties, it never crossed my mind to just stab her.  Or do anything else physical for that matter.

It will be interesting to see where this goes.  Will this be considered self-defense?  Second degree murder?  Manslaughter?  Reckless homicide?  Medina is currently being held on a million dollar bail but as yet, no charges have been pressed against him.

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