January 14, 2016

Ricardo Medina, Jr. Charged With Murder

This was certainly a long time coming, wasn't it?  Obviously LA County wanted all its ducks in order before moving on this case.

You may recall (or you may not) that last January (yep, almost a year ago) Medina fatally stabbed his roommate with a sword (don't we all have them lying around?) after a dispute at their home.  At the time it was reported that Joshua Sutter was stabbed once after arguing with Medina and Medina called the paramedics immediately after stabbing Sutter.  It sounded at the time as if this may have been self-defense or even involuntary manslaughter.

My, how things change.  Medina was arrested today and is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.  It's being reported that prosecutors will ask for bail to be set at a cool million, which seems to assure that he will still in jail throughout the trial unless he has a connection or connections in the industry that is/are willing to pony up some bank for him. 

It's also being reported now that Medina stabbed Sutter "multiple times," which creates a bit of a problem with the self-defense theory in my book.  Unless Sutter was under the influence of something like LSD, one poke with a sword would likely end an altercation so . . .

The argument also allegedly began over Medina's girlfriend, resulting in Sutter forcing his way into Medina's bedroom where the fatal altercation occurred. 

If Medina is convicted, he could face up to 26 years in prison, which indicates prosecutors are looking at voluntary manslaughter versus involuntarily manslaughter or second degree murder. 

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